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…You Decorate for Halloween

Picture this. It’s the night before Halloween. You decide to invite a few people over. You realise this is turning into a Halloween thing. Hey, maybe that thing is a party. You have nothing. No Halloween treats, no decorations. This is going to be frightfully bad (see what I did there…)

But wait… It IS the night before Halloween! What are we going to do?!??


Here are some quick, easy, DIY Halloween hacks to help you on your way to the best party in town!

Quick and Easy Decorations

Hanging Bats

Great for hanging on trees outside or for hanging in doorways and windows. Simple, but really effective.



Candy Corn Banner

A really fun way to quickly add party touches to your house. Bonus: It’s really simple to do

Halloween Party Candy Corn Banner

Via: The Pin Junkie 

Rats and Mice 

These templates can be printed off, cut out and stuck on stairs and hidden in corners to give your guests a fright


Via: Martha Stewart 

Creepy Candles

Tables and mantle pieces look really creepy when adorned with lots of candles, especially ones with melting wax – of course be really careful with candles and make sure that they are out of reach of children


Via: Remodelista

Tangled Web

Whilst we are still on the candle theme, here is a really quick and easy way to spookify some candles in jars

halloween votives

Via: Good House Keeping 

Some Sweet Treats 

Cobweb Cookies

You can grab some biscuits (or make your own if you have time) and simply ice them with this simple design. Really simple, but really effective


Via: Good House Keeping 

Tombstone Taco Dip

Make a spooky scene made out of guacamole and tortilla chips


Via: BHG

Poison Toffee Apples

These look so good and really make a wow factor. The green and black work really well together, but equally a dark red coating would be just as sinister

Toffee Apples

Via: Simply Delicious Food

I hope that I have given you some useful ideas to aid in planning your very last minute Halloween party! If you have a few friends, or just decorate for the kids popping by screaming Trick or Treat I hope that you have a great night full of spooks, scares and catching people unawares

Thanks for stopping by!


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