…You Can Have a Duvet Day

Duvet Days

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…You Sit Around in Your Pyjamas

I can never spell pyjamas the first time round. Usually I write pajamas and then pjamas and without spell check I’d probably just opt for PJs!


I had the ultimate lazy day over the weekend and I was just thinking how lovely it was. Because I am again feeling lazy, here is a list (shock) of what I got up to this Sunday (Do people ever have lazy Saturdays?)

Here we go!

  • I read some magazines (trashy mags this time, I mainly looked at the pics)
  • I had a bath filled with gorgeous smells from wonderful Lush products
  • I watched a romcom, snuggled on the sofa and had a hot chocolate (with cream and marshmallows of course)
  • I painted my nails pink
  • I made a pair of earrings – lazy days are great for finishing off some craft products
  • I made a really simple comfort dinner of mushroom risotto
  • I watched TV
  • and… that’s it

So that was my Sunday. Completely lazy and completely amazing

What do you do on your lazy days?