Top 10: ASOS Pyjamas

I know I have already done a post about being lazy at home and sitting around in your Pjs for hours on end…BUT as it’s coming up to Christmas and I LOVE getting some new Pjs (pretty much a guaranteed Christmas gift) I thought I would just go through a few of my favourite sleep wear available from ASOS at the moment!


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…You Don’t Have to Wear any Make-Up

Even popping out to the shop can seem like a chore these days. Firstly, you have to jump out of your pyjamas, have a shower, get dressed and finally spend inordinate amounts of time on your hair and make-up (this last stage usually takes the longest, for me anyway!). And why, just to head out and face the day?

I find it quite upsetting at times to think of millions of people not confident enough in themselves to head out the door without a drop of product on their skin.

Because of this, I challenge all of my readers to go BearFaced and in the process help Children in Need.


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…You Decorate for Halloween

Picture this. It’s the night before Halloween. You decide to invite a few people over. You realise this is turning into a Halloween thing. Hey, maybe that thing is a party. You have nothing. No Halloween treats, no decorations. This is going to be frightfully bad (see what I did there…)

But wait… It IS the night before Halloween! What are we going to do?!??


Here are some quick, easy, DIY Halloween hacks to help you on your way to the best party in town!

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…You Sit Down with a Cup of Tea

Tea. It’s very British isn’t it?

Yet, I don’t drink tea – please don’t be too shocked! Our water is full of lime scale and a delicate tea just isn’t nice here. However, I do love coffee. Give me a new mug of steaming sweet coffee and I’m happy. Slap it in a new mug and I’m ecstatic. So, with most people drinking tea, coffee, hot chocolate or any other type of drink for that matter, I think that mugs (and cups) make one of the best presents for people. I know that it is a common gift, but you can also add extras or put it with a few other gifts if you feel that it isn’t special enough. I think that a mini pack made up of a mug, some treats like chocolate or marshmallows, a really good quality tea or coffee all wrapped up prettily can make a beautiful present.

I’ve just had a look round and found some beautiful mugs recently so I thought I would share them with you

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…You Sit Around in Your Pyjamas

I can never spell pyjamas the first time round. Usually I write pajamas and then pjamas and without spell check I’d probably just opt for PJs!


I had the ultimate lazy day over the weekend and I was just thinking how lovely it was. Because I am again feeling lazy, here is a list (shock) of what I got up to this Sunday (Do people ever have lazy Saturdays?)

Here we go!

  • I read some magazines (trashy mags this time, I mainly looked at the pics)
  • I had a bath filled with gorgeous smells from wonderful Lush products
  • I watched a romcom, snuggled on the sofa and had a hot chocolate (with cream and marshmallows of course)
  • I painted my nails pink
  • I made a pair of earrings – lazy days are great for finishing off some craft products
  • I made a really simple comfort dinner of mushroom risotto
  • I watched TV
  • and… that’s it

So that was my Sunday. Completely lazy and completely amazing

What do you do on your lazy days?

…Love Fills Every Corner

I was sitting in my room the other day just looking around at all the memories that fill it. In general, our house is very plain. Cream walls and carpet, a fire in the living room and light oak furniture. I think the only pops of colour are placed in the furnishings. A terracotta throw or some gold thread in a cushion. However, my room is it’s own little space and I well and truly put my own stamp on it. Yet, there is only so much you can do in terms of décor. No matter how safe or wild you go, it seems to me that the extra touches, the personal items and memories really do make a house a home.

And so, to stop this post being a mass of block text, I thought I’d go to my favourite format once again and list some of those special items in certain rooms of our house, so if you’re interested read on!

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…People Come Over for Halloween Parties

I don’t know about you, but it feels as if I am the only one in my family excited about Halloween. I don’t know if it is my love for horror films, or the idea of being able to go round and get free sweets when I was younger, but something about this holiday is embedded in me and makes me feel happy.

Unfortunately, my family do not feel the same way. We like to keep to ourselves and having people constantly knocking on the door screaming trick or treat is a bit of a nightmare (excuse the pun). However, I think that the best way to get over the horrors of your peaceful night being ruined it to just get stuck right in. Have a get together, big or small and use Halloween as an excuse to have fun.

If you are lacking in some ideas, well read on for my top three!

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